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"My amazonic journey" (2022)


A walk through the Amazon jungle accompanied by Don Mauro, a guide from the Ticuna community, who told us about the meaning of the forest for the indigenous community: source of natural resources, natural medicine, shamanism and nonsense.


The forest as an archetype means opposite things in the West and in the East. In the West, the forest is a place of darkness, threats and problems. In the East it is a place of enlightenment, repair and well-being, it is a sacred place. The Amazon forest is the physical and spiritual home of the Ticuna, among others.


This journey is approached as a graphic story in vignettes, capturing different images of the forest canopy, while we hear Don Mauro's narration, full of remedies and magic.


"My amazonic journey" is a work made up of 12 acid-etched brass plates finished with matt black ink. They are framed in natural walnut wood with thung oil. 


6 editions and 1 author's proof


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