Jaime Sicilia

Madrid, 1970.

Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Beauty repairs.

This is the central idea in the development of my work as a visual artist and architect.

As a visual artist I work in multidisciplinary projects through painting, sculpture, photography and video.

Sardinas (2011) is a reflection on collective intelligences and the perception of value of the individual against the collective. Cuentos (2011) deals with the complexity of the narrative structures of simple stories through photography. Seascapes (2016) is a reflection on color, light, matter, space and time. From 2017, Nightscapes explores the latent emotion in one of the most moving experiences of human existence, “the dark night of the soul”. Poppies (Letters of love) (2017) is a project focused on love and beauty as the fundamental challenges of the human being, which takes a lifetime to understand. Waldweben (2018) tries to catch the moment in which we connect with the sublime from the beauty of nature (Siegfried, Wagner).

As an architect, I developed my professional career at the Richard Rogers Partnership (London) and in my own studio. My work has been awarded and recognized internationally, being selected to represent Spain in the Green Building Challenge (Tokyo 2005) among others.

I have been a lecturer (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and Universidad de La Salle) and researcher (FAME Project 2011, Government of Spain).

Group shows and fairs:

2019. Vernissage 2019. Espacio Ynot. Curator: Tirso Catalán de Ocón, Madrid.

2019. Affordable Art Fair Milán, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Milán, Italia.

2018. Aqua Art Miami, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Miami, Estados Unidos.

2018. Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Restrospective Galleries (Australia), Hamburgo, Alemania.

2018. Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt. Van Gogh Art Gallery, Frankfurt, Alemania.

2018. Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Restrospective Galleries (Australia), Estocolmo, Suecia.

2017. Art Chicó. Bogotá, Colombia. Galería LA Projects, Madrid.

2016. Font d´inspiració. Hotel Fontsanta, Campos (Mallorca). Curator: Galería Aba Art Lab, Palma.

2011. Pop-Up. Curator: Sabine Wesemann, Palma.

Solo shows:

2019. Galería Aba Art Lab, Palma.

2019. Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid.

2018. The Haciendas Club, Madrid

2018. Galería La Ley de Snell, Madrid

2017-18. Galería Aba Art Lab, Palma.

2017. Galería Benot,  Cádiz.

2017. Espacio Telva, Casa Decor, Madrid.

2017. The Haciendas Club, Madrid.