“- What do you think beauty really is?

– Pass- I said curtly.

– There are things that come true in life, and things that don’t, he said. The things that actually happen, people forget about them right away. But the things that never come true stay in our hearts forever. Dreams and… longings. I think it’s our feelings for these that sustain the beauty of life. All the things that didn’t happen ~have~ come true, as beauty.” 

Kyōichi Katayama, Sócrates in love


The poppy is a wild and delicate flower. It has been used for a long time as a symbol of peace, sleep and death. It is a special flower. It does not allow to be cut, it decomposes and falls apart quickly. The brilliant color and vibrancy that it presents in the field does not last even a few minutes in our hands. If we want to keep it, to make it stay, it will be necessary to make it, work it in such a way that it does not spoil. The resulting imperfect nature will be much more complete and elegant… and will remain.

The poppy, seen in this way, is a beautiful metaphor for romantic love.

Love and beauty are the two fundamental challenges of the human being and it takes a lifetime to understand them.

Beauty repairs.