“Cuento (from Latin, compŭtus, account) is a short story created by one or several authors, based on real or fictional events, whose plot is played by a small group of characters and with a relatively simple argument.

The story is shared both orally and in writing; although at first, the most common was by oral tradition. In addition, it can give an account of real or fantastic events but always starting from the base of being an act of fiction, or a mixture of fiction with real events and real characters. It usually contains several characters that participate in a single central action, and there are those who believe that a striking ending is an indispensable requirement of this genre. Its objective is to awaken a shocking emotional reaction in the reader. Although it can be written in verse, totally or partially, it is generally given in prose. It is done through the intervention of a narrator, and with a preponderance of the narration about the monologue, the dialogue, or the description. “.”