SigfriDO, Act. II

“Siegfried arrives at the forest, at the cave where Fáfner the dragon is, with the intention of defeating the legendary beast. While waiting for his appearance, he comfortably accommodates himself under a lime tree and quickly abandons himself in a silent reverie …

He reclines and observes the branches of the trees, enchanted by the murmurs of the forest  …

Sigfrido, Richard Wagner, 1857


In Wagner’s epic, the forests of the Ring of the Nibelung are inhabited by dwarves, giants, dark forces … and above all, Siegfried’s fate is found. The forest reveals its mission to him with its voices and has a “dawn” effect on the hero.

According to Carl Jung the forest, the sea and the space of the labyrinth are considered symbols of the unconscious, or rather, they represent the “fear of the unconscious”. The trip to the forest leads us to knowledge and harmony with ourselves.

Waldweben (murmurs of the forest) proposes a reflection on the beautiful (nature) and the sublime (the possibility of personal redemption) through the gaze of the hero (Siegfried).

Waldweben is also a walk in the forest …

“The place we are when we get lost, the place we go to find ourselves.”

Jean Shinoda

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